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Chlorine Dioxide Treatment and Process:

ClO2 is a water-soluble gas and has a chlorine-like odor. It is recognized by the EPA for its disinfecting properties. All water used in the drilling and hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells requires treatment to eliminate bacteria and control biofilms. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizer, sanitizer and disinfecting solution, and is the most economical and primary choice for water treatment by oil and gas drilling companies. When introduced, chlorine dioxide quickly penetrates bacteria resulting in an instant kill. Without a proper disinfectant, frac-water bacteria can become established throughout the oil well. Bacterial contamination can cause plugging, and result in corrosion of oil well equipment, storage tanks, and pipes. Chlorine dioxide generation is a highly specialized process and the preferred method to prevent solids formation and bacteria-related corrosion.

ClO2 needs to be generated on-site by a “Mobile 3-Chem Chlorine Dioxide Generation System” utilizing what is known as a 3-chem process combining Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Chlorite and Sodium Hypochlorite in a controlled highly safe reaction environment. The chlorine dioxide generator will produce a solution of up to 3000 parts per million / 40lbs per hour of ClO2. This capacity using a typical treat rate of 10 parts per million will process 11,500 barrels of water per hour. Stationary systems are available for long term permanent type applications which may require one to seven year or more system deployments.

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