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Manny Energy  represents Manni Group’s commitment to clean energy and wants to be a partner who supports the customer throughout all stages that lead to the construction of a renewable energy system: solar, wind and biogas. Manni Energy also offers an energy analysis service, the main instrument for understanding  and intervening effectively in the energy consumption for both business and domestic uses.

The entrance of Manni Group in the renewable energy market represents the bringing together of the various experiences gained by the group 70 years on both national and international markets: Manni Group has found a great opportunity to put its know-how and skills into helping the environment in Manni Energy.


The Manni Energy system is “turnkey” and includes: contact with a network of qualified consultants, the study of technical and economic feasibility of the system, a site inspection carried out by specialised technicians for the design, installation and testing of the system, the maintenance and monitoring of the system, the services of a technician if needed at a check or testing, the management of paperwork and banking assistance.

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