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Isopan is one of the worldwide main producers of insulated metal panels for roofs and walls for civil, industrial, commercial and farm construction. Continuous innovation in products and processes sustained the development of high performing special panels and architectural facade systems which complete a wide range of products including acoustic panels in mineral fiber as well as high fire resistant.

High quality standards, a broad diversification and a deep customer focus have made it a reliable partner for many Italian and foreign companies which are able to deliver competitive advantage and value.

The company’s tests in line and in the laboratory ensure the high quality standards of materials. It also promotes polyurethane chemistry upgrades in order to evolve and expand the areas of use of sandwich panels.

The production of Isopan is in harmony with the environment: the panels, consisting essentially of a metal shape support and an insulating layer of polyurethane or mineral fibre, are made in innovative plants which are able to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Additionally, all Isopan plants worldwide have photovoltaic systems which can produce enough electricity for their own needs.


In Italy Isopan has two production facilities in Frosinone (Patrica) and Verona (Trevenzuolo). It consolidated its presence in international markets with Isopan Ibérica in Tarragona (Spain), IsopanEst in Bucharest (Romania), Isopan Deutschland in Halle (Germany). Since 2015 it will market its products also in Russia, with IsopanRus in Volgograd (Russia), and in Guanajuato (Mexico) with Isocindu.

There are two sales companies, one in France (Isopan France) and the other one in the Czech Republic (Isopan Manni Group CZ). A presence throughout the territory and an established network of sales representatives allows the brand to reach the most important markets in the world.

The International Business Division also develops specific solutions for the needs of the different countries where Isopan is distributed. Thanks to the flexibility of manufacturing processes, efficient logistics and efficient technical assistance service, Isopan is able to adapt perfectly to the technical, construction and stylistic standards of the main world markets

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